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Case Studies


Kelly, Phobia

Kelly had a fear of heights, and in particular those scary rides at theme parks. She was tired of the debilitating panic attacks, feeling left out, and being the ‘bag lady’ left in line while others had all the fun. During her one session of hypnosis she was able to debunk her long standing fears, and three days later she hit the theme parks – laughing her way through rides, and even managing to go on the ‘giant drop – 39 stories high’ – a long awaited adventure.

Along with hypnosis, Kelly learned the valuable energy technique EFT, to ensure she remained calm but still able to enjoy the fun and adventure of the moment, and no more ‘bag lady’.

Annie, Anxiety

Annie was anxious about her first teaching role. In her own words, these were her challenges:

  • Dealing with past put downs and not being good enough in the eyes of a (former) boss
  • Being overwhelmed by self doubt – can I do this? How will I be judged, am I good enough?
  • Fear of not succeeding (left over from school days) confidence with colleagues.     

Through hypnosis it was revealed Annie had experienced many set-backs during her school years which had lowered her self esteem and belief in her ability to achieve. She was able to re-frame those events and her view of herself, and learned much about her own talents and resilience. 
During a follow up session with EFT we addressed, and systematically neutralized, any remaining negative beliefs, along with any past traumatic event so she was able to unleash the great and passionate teacher within.  She has already had two promotions in six months and loves both the students and her work.

Liz, Eating Disorder

Liz, an entrepreneur with very successful business she has built from the ground up, has had an eating disorder for 20 years, causing much psychological and physical damage.

Her parents had tried to steer her career into the legal or medical professions, which both were held in high esteem and would ensure ‘success’. Growing up, her creative talents and being assertive caused conflict between her needs and her parents’ aspirations for her. Her core belief of never measuring up led to an eating disorder. Hypnosis helped to address these beliefs and feelings. Liz soon became aware of her day-to-day environmental triggers, and no longer needed to fill the emptiness that or purge the guilt and anger she had felt when carrying those old beliefs. It has now been 18 months since any binge/purge symptoms.

Trudy, Weight Loss

Trudy’s issue wasn’t that she was overweight, but that she had mild depression and was turning to food to push down her feelings in relation to her family. She had grown up with a dominating sister, with whom her mother always sided and was still carrying the hurt and sense of unfairness, despite her decision to cease all contact with the sister.

During the first session of hypnosis she was able to release her anger and sense of injustice, and change her perspective on events and family. As the feelings were no longer there, she stopped turning to food and refocused her energies into her healthy lifestyle. She phoned me a week or two after our session to explain how that day had changed her life, and that her depression had lifted like a fog. Two years later she is still happy, balanced and has a healthy relationship with food.

Jade, Trichotillomania

Jade had a condition known as Trichotillomania, which is a compulsion to pull out your own hair. In her case it was her eyebrows that she constantly tugged at, resulting in patchy and often completely bald eyebrow(s).

Following two sessions of hypnosis the root cause of the anxiety behind this habit was released and she simply found it unnecessary to retain the pattern.